Our Science

Our Science


TAXY™ —— A Programmable Drug Delivery System

The transition of exosome-based drug delivery system from benchtop to clinics is greatly constrained by the following four aspects: (1) Large-scale exosome production; (2) Effective cargo molecule loading; (3) Exosome active targeting; and (4) Effective cargo molecule release. Focused on solving these problems, TheraXyte has developed an unparalleled proprietary programmable drug delivery system, TAXY™.

TAXY™ is composed of:

  • ExoBoost – A cell line with higher exosomal yield

    Such cell line could provide an exosome production which 20 times higher than 293SF and Expi293F (currently recognized high-yield cell lines for exosome production).

  • ExoPack – A highly effective exosome packaging system

    Such system could enable the loading of cargo molecules (polypeptides/nucleic acids) on the surface or in the lumen of exosomes with high efficiency and high specificity.

  • ExoTarget – An exosome active targeting system

    Such system could use the different mechanisms for exosome cellular uptake, combined with our proprietary scaffold protein for the fusion expression of various targeting moieties, realizing the active targeting to different organs (such as brain, lung and muscle, etc.).

  • ExoRelease – A highly effective exosome release system

    Such system could facilitate the effective release of cargo molecules inside the recipient cells and prevent cargo degradation.